Minimalism & Logos…


I have chosen ‘minimalism’ as my keyword because I am particularly interested in the ‘minimalistic’ approach designers have developed over recent years.

Minimalism in corporate logo designs…
We have seen worldwide company logos evolve into innovative versions, for instance Starbucks, Pepsi and Rolls Royce. Due to the companies’ high levels of success and their international recognition, they were able to remove key elements, such as the word ‘Starbucks’. We have also seen the removal of drop shadows and colours from logos, such as Apple and Google. When looking at the development of these logos there is an obvious trend that they are becoming significantly minimalistic. I suspect this will not be the last time these logos evolve, but this creates the questions; what will the future hold for these logos; what can we expect for the forthcoming versions; will designers eventually have to revisit complex logo designs?

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