Time to bury my head in some books…

I have researched online and found some interesting books that will help me research my keyword. I have picked a range of books that were released at various times to ensure I can gather historical and modern information.

I am sure this list will be forever growing, but thought I would note what I have so far…

Obendorf, Hartmut (2009) Minimalism: Designing Simplicity, London: Springer

Hornstein, N., Nunes, J., Grohmann, K., (2005) Understanding Minimalism, USA: Cambridge University Press.

Mayor, James (2004) Minimalism: Art and Polemics in the Sixties, London: Yale University Press

Strickland, Edward (1993) Minimalism-Origins, USA: Indiana University Press

Schonlau, Julia (2011) Minimalist Graphics, Harper Collins

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