Type and Image Interaction…

For the Research and Enquiry Assignment my first task was focused on the relationship between type and image. I therefore had to read an extract of text by David Lewis from ‘Reading Contemporary Picturebooks’  (London: Routledge, 2001), find some examples of pictures and then explain the type/image interaction.

The extract by David Lewis explains that the four main categories used to identify word-image interactions are; symmetry, enhancement, counterpoint and contradiction.  This is a list compiled by Maria Nikolajeva and Carole Scott’s in an attempt to identify a ‘broad spectrum of word-image interaction’.

Below are some examples and explanations for each category.


My Fold Out Book’s:
These book pages are an example of Symmetry because each page has an image that shows precisely what the text reads.


Pirate Adventure – Biff Chip and Kipper stories (Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta):
In this example of enhancement, which is the process of an image enhancing the text (and vice versa), the text briefly conveys the storyline and the illustration enhances it by providing further details, such as the location, the characters present and their facial expressions. The picture clarifies the text, which if stood alone is insufficient to describe the whole scene.


Animal Anti-Cruelty Advert:
When you look closely, the picture is showing a dog curled up in front of a football goal, and the text reads ‘Stop the Abuse’. It is an example of counterpoint because it provides information that relies on the reader to forge a connection between the image and the statement to make them realise that to an abuser the dog could be treated in the same way as a football.



Nothing Ever Happens On My Block (Ellen Raskin):
In this example, the text explains that nothing happens on the street but the illustrations contradict this by display the opposite, therefore the text and image are both saying entirely different things.

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