Design Museum

In need of a break from the screen and some inspiration I recently visited the design museum in London. The exhibitions were; Designed to Win; Digital Crystal and lastly; Designers in Residence 2012’.

‘Designed to win’ displayed sport based products of which over the years have evolved to help achieve records and victories. There was a range of necessary sporting equipment, from bicycles and F1 cars to footwear. The design of these products follow a ‘form follows function’ modernist view as the foremost thing is for the products to be design in a way for them to function how they are expected and aid the sportsmen to achieve. This exhibition confirms that design influences sport and sport influences design, art and culture.

Next was the ‘Digital Crystal’ exhibition. (On the way to this I passed a design competition section which consisted of student designs for new Oakley Eyewear, which was inspiring in itself!) The digital crystal section consisted of unique installations that were designed to create a futuristic view of how memory may look in a developed digital age – the ‘futuristic thinking’ involved within this exhibition was very inspirational! There were interactive elements where people could tweet messages to appear on a chandelier and crystals spinning at various speeds to create illusions.

There was also the section ‘Designers in Residence’. It was great to view the work of recent graduates displayed in such a place and way. There was furniture made with wool fibres from carpets, pottery created from clay from the Themes river, objects with demystify electronics to help the user understand how things work and furniture created with bent plywood.

Overall, it was a fascinating (and sparkly!)  visit to the museum and encouraged me to think beyond the ordinary to create unique work.

The entrance to the digital crystal exhibition.

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