Wear Reflective Clothing

To help decide how to illustrate the reflective aids cyclists wear I researched the internet and also looked at cyclists in the dark while I was out in the evenings.


Image to show the requirements for cyclists when cycling in the dark. Source: Be safe be seen (2012) Available at: http://news.warwickshire.gov.uk/blog/2012/11/02/be-safe-be-seen/ [Accessed: 8 December 2012]

I also looked on websites such as the British Cycling website for up to date information about what cyclists are required to do and wear in relation to the law.

From this research I found out where the reflectors and lights should be positioned on the bicycle and also what clothes they should wear. This research allowed me to produce something that will look more realistic to the viewers.

Below are a couple of design ideas for the poster:


Be Safe Be Seen Adverts 5

Although these designs realistically portray what the cyclist will look like, I also believe they are ambiguous because in the dark section it is not so obvious what it is.  I believe the second design is more effective and dramatic, but the first is more minimalistic and ambiguous.

Road Safety Week – Cycle safely every week (
2012) http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/commuting/article/trav20111116-Road-Safety-Week—Cycle-safely-every-week-0 [Accessed: 8 December 2012]

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