I feel so privileged to have been asked to write an article for Freedom 2’s blog ‘For the 1’,  which is a series of blogs aiming to empower each and every one of us to inspire and help others.

Image: Katie Warman Design

“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”
Ronald Reagan.

I love this saying because it’s so true.

If everyone helped make just one person’s day a little less overwhelming, a little easier or a little happier, think about how many clearer heads, lighter shoulders and bigger smiles the world would have!

With the blog theme focusing on how we can help others, I have decided to share 5 ‘helpful hashtags’ that I plan to focus my social media (and life!) around this year.


 As a graphic designer I am lucky enough to help bring people’s ideas to life through design. Whether it’s a new logo that helps their business stand out from the crowd, a website that allows their dream to become a reality or a flyer that helps promote their awesome idea. Being able to help other people succeed is one of the best parts of my job, so I will continue to do my bit to help dreams, big or small, become a reality!


Supporting small, independent businesses is a must for me. I love to support passionate people who are amazing at what they do. I love the joy it brings when they receive a new order. I love the thought that their hard-earned money becomes their little girl’s dance lessons, their spending money for a well-earned break or simply their income to help their world continue to turn.

So I plan to help by purchasing more from small, independent businesses and at the very least I will spread the word & share / like their posts on my social media – as I know it’s these little acts of kindness that can go a long way to help small businesses.


We all know there is no Planet B. And thanks to our mate Sir David Attenborough (Hi Dave!), we are conscious about our impact on this planet more than ever before.


[Image: Katie Warman Designs]

In this convenient world if things break we can buy a replacement straight away. But when this planet breaks there is no replacement in stock. So looking after what we have must be a priority.

To help protect our planet I plan to reduce my impact by some little lifestyle changes.

I hope to reduce household waste by…

 – Use a milk man and return the glass bottles for reuse.

– Use bars of soap rather than plastic dispensers.

– Use reusable face cloths rather than single use wipes.

– Use reusable Tupperware or bees wax sheets rather than cling film & foil- Make DIY snacks, like cereal bars, to avoid the single use packaging on shop bought ones.

– Buy loose fruit and veg (no nasty single use plastic that cannot be recycled please!)

– Buy essentials in bulk (and if I don’t have room to store it, I will split the purchase with family / friends)

– Use zero waste shops more often

– Reuse food jars and containers for storage (or offer them to people that need them)

– Use gift wrap and gift cards that can be recycled (no glitter etc)

– Avoid products that use unsustainable palm oil

– Buy right, buy once (and fix things!) and avoid buying from overseas to avoid the freight pollution

– Make homemade cleaning products that are safer for the environment (although I may need some tips as I recently created an impromptu science experiment / volcano in my kitchen when I tried to make a cleaning spray! Whoops. Any tips would be welcomed!)

#positivepolly (and #positivepete)

Bad days – We’ve all had them.

The ones that go from bad to worse and hugging your duvet whilst in the fetal position seems to be the only remedy – and sometimes it is. A nap for me is like pressing a nice little reset button! But other times a nap isn’t what I need. I simply need a reminder to snap out of the way I’m thinking, because I am a firm believer that negative thoughts attracts negative results and positive thoughts attracts positive results. (Sorry to my friends / family who have heard me say this a million times)

If I tell myself I’m having a bad day – 99.9% of the time I am sure to notice every bad thing that happens that day and then it goes from bad to worse. So I sometimes need a reminder to look out for something good or to tell myself something positive. To reset my day. Like a nap, but not a nap.

So as a way of helping others, I am going to share more positive things that may help turn a bad day into a good day and to hopefully put a stop to negativity getting in the way of their happiness.

A simple way I reset my negative thoughts into positive ones is by following any negative thoughts with something positive by adding a ‘but’…

“I’ve had such a bad journey, but I’m glad I’m here safe and sound”

“Grrrr I can’t do it, but I can go and do something else that’s on my to-do list”

“I can’t afford that, but I feel so lucky to have…”

It’s my way to ‘kick negativity’s butt’.  – see what I did there…! 😉


My last hashtag is ‘do what you love’ – I want to encourage everyone to do what they love because, whether it’s a job or a hobby, everyone should do something they are passionate about. Life is too short to wait for the perfect opportunity so go out there and do something that makes YOU happy, however big or small. You’ve got this!

Whilst writing this post and thinking about ‘hashtags’ that I think will help others, it has actually made me realise I have also listed 5 things I am passionate about – so whilst doing all the above to help others, I will also be fueling my own happiness too – which will help me #dowhatIlove – It’s a win-win!

If you had to pick 3 hashtags or ways to help others, what would you pick? You never know, like me, it could go full circle and help you too.

Share them with us at @freedom2 or @katiewarmandesign on Instagram or tag us in your ‘helpful hashtag’ posts.

Let’s all make little changes that make big differences.

To check out how I get on sharing my 5 ‘helpful hashtags’ feel free to follow me on: @katiewarmandesign

Thanks for checking out this post.

Katie 🙂

Freelance Graphic Designer who Specialises in:
Creating unique designs because I’m not a sheep
Supporting small businesses – because I support dreams
Making a positive difference because smiles are contagious


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