Photography Tips for Marketing Projects

Photography plays a big part in marketing & design projects so I thought I’d share some photography tips that may be useful when you are working on your photographs for your next marketing campaign, whether it’s a website, social media post or email campaign…

Background is key.
Aim to leave a lot of background and spare space around the main subject. This allows the photo to easily be used on wide ‘banner’ images on websites etc. Just remember, you can always crop unnecessary background out at a later stage – but it’s much more difficult to add more background at a later stage!

Plus, be creative with your backgrounds. Include some texture and colour in the background where possible – such as brick walls, house plants, garden fence…look around and see what you can find.

Black & White or Colour?
I would recommend capturing the photo in colour. You can adjust it to black & white easily at a later date – but it’s not possible to change a photo that was captured in black & white photo to colour.

Don’t overlap products.
If you capture a lot of products in one photo but plan to use some of the products on their own (by creating ‘clipping paths’) at a later stage, try not to overlap the products in the photo – Leave space between the products if they are next to each other. If you overlap, you will lose chunks of some of the product when you create clipping paths.

Phone cameras can do the job (sometimes)

Professional photographers out there are probably screaming at me right now (sorry guys!) but I wanted to share that phone cameras are pretty awesome for what they are and you can get some great shots with them. You can get some impromptu shots whilst on the go and you have the freedom of trial and error so go get shooting! (But remember these photos will only be useful for social media and small scale projects. If you want a photo used on a large exhibition banner you will need a high quality image for best results!)

Don’t be a sheep.
Today it’s easy to get inspiration from other instagram accounts or from your various Pinterest boards, but always remember to do what works for you. No business is EXACTLY the same as yours so find your own style and be confident with it!     

These are just a few brief tips but if you need me to explain any of these in more detail or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to help!

 Katie 🙂


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